HH-60G Division Page: 422 Test & Evaluation Squadron

The purpose of this page is to provide a conduit for those currently developing tactics for Jolly Green operations to reach former Jolly Green aircrews directly involved in the development of tactics for combat rescue.  This page will provide links to the Division’s quarterly publication, “The Jolly Green Gazette” and specific questions the Division is trying to find information on.  In most cases they are interested in talking to those personnel directly involved in the development of tactics and who have direct knowledge of when, where, how and why decisions were made.  Unless asked for, opinions (i.e. “I think they did that because…”) are not particularly useful.

jgg.gif (2164 bytes)    CSAR Tactics and Test Newsletter
USAF Air Warfare Center
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

The Gazette is edited by Mike Agin of Pioneer Technology Corporation.
All comments, questions and articles for submission should be sent to Mike.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the Gazette.  Download Adobe Acrobat here for:  Windows;   Mac.
The Jolly Green Gazette is no longer available in the public domain.  Those interested in receiving the Gazette may contact any of the following:

Mike Agin, Pioneer Corp.
Maj. Randall Nelson, 422 TES/DOH
Chuck Rouhier, Webmaster

.mil users may view the Gazette on-line at the Joint Combat Rescue Agency’s website.
Note: this site is restricted to .mil users only.

On-line Jolly Green Gazette

Other Documents
CSAR Mission Tasks briefing.
Ground order of battle for the Combat Rescue (CR) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

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