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Vietnam “Combat Rescue” print by Phillip West – Click here for details.


On a Steel Horse I Ride: A History of the MH-53 Pave Low Helicopters in War and Peace, by Col Darrel D. Whitcomb, USAFR (Ret), 2014, Air University Press. The story of the Pave Low in detail and its involvement in heroic missions.

Taking Fire – Saving Captain Aikman: A Story of the Vietnam Air War by Kevin O’Rourke and Joe Peters, 2013. An up-close look at the 27 June 1972 rescue of Captain Lynn Aikman. Forward written by former Jolly Green pilot Dale Stovall.

The Rescue of Streetcar 304 by Commander Kenny Fields, USNR (Ret), 2007. 40 hours, 189 sorties, 1 successful rescue. Read about Kenny’s ordeal near Tchepone, Laos in May 1968. To order direct from author click here or order at USNI or Amazon

A Knavish Piece of Work: A Novel of the Mayaguez Incident by Ejner Fulsang, 2006. A novelization of the infamous Mayaguez Incident of May 15, 1975. The Jolly Green Scholarship fund gets 50 cents per book.

Cheating Death by George J. Marrett, Smithsonian Books, 2003.  ISBN: 1-58834-104-6, Former USAF Captain Marrett depicts compelling aerial combat with a unique blend of warts-and-all clarity, passion, and wit.

All for One: The Rescue of Boxer 22 by SMSgt, Bob LaPointe, USAF (Ret), 2002. Details the largest successful search and rescue mission by the USAF in the Vietnam War.

PJs in Vietnam – The Story of Air Rescue in Vietnam as seen from the Eyes of its Pararescuemen by SMSgt Robert LaPointe, Retired PJ 1969-1995, Published 2001. Only 2000 books being printed at this time.

One Day Too Long: Top Secret Site 85 and the Bombing of North Vietnam by
Timothy N. Castle, Columbia University Press, 1999. The story of the disappearance of a small group of elite military personnel.

The Rescue of Bat 21 by Col Darrel Whitcomb, USAFR (Ret), 1997, US Naval Institute Press, ISBN: 1-55750-946-8, The story of the April 2, 1972 dangerous and costly rescue of navigator Gene Hambleton.

A Very Short War: The Mayaguez and the Battle of Koh Tang by Joe Guilmartin, Texas A&M Press 1996, ISBN: 0-89096-665-6, Guilmartin, a former Jolly Green helicopter pilot provides a compelling account of the Mayaguez–Koh Tang crisis.

Any Time, Any Place: A History of USAF Air Commando and Special Operations Forces, 1944-1994 by Philip D. Chinnery, 1994, Naval Institute Press, ISBN: 1-55750-037-1.

Air Rescue: Saving Lives Stateside Barry D. Smith, 1989

Bat-21 Col William C. Anderson, USAF (Ret), 1983. This book details Gene Hambleton’s two-week long struggle to avoid capture by the Viet Cong in 1972.

Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia Earl H. Tilford, 1980. The evolution of combat search and rescue in Southeast Asia.

The Raid: The Son Tay Prison Rescue Mission by Benjamin F. Schemmer, Harper & Row, 1976. The unvarnished account of the courageous mission of 21 November 1970.

Pararescue; What Men Dare Do by Elois Paananen Engle, 1964. An up-close look at PJs beginning in 1946.

Air Rescue! Col Carroll V. Glines, Jr., USAF (Ret) & Wendell Moseley, 1962, The history of air rescue.

Rescue! Elliot Arnold 1956, Stories of the Air Rescue Service, covering global operations from Alaska to Arabia.


“Bat-21” (1988) – adapted from the book by  William C. Anderson, based upon the rescue of U.S. signals intelligence expert, Gene Hambleton, shot down in Vietnam.

“Firefox” (1982) A joint Anglo-American plot is devised to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter aircraft.

“Airport 75” (1974) This movie features an air-to-air rescue attempt of a damaged 747 undertaken from an HH-53 helicopter flown by a crew from USAF Air Rescue and Recovery Service.

“Flight from Ashiya” (1964) A flight crew tries to save shipwreck survivors during a raging typhoon.

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