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Inside Combat Rescue- A 6 part National Geographic special

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National Geographic YouTube Channel- Inside Combat Rescue Video

Portraits in Courage- “Fallen Angel” Part 1.- A CSAR mission in Afghanistan

National Museum of the USAF Request- Your chance to help preserve our history!

News July 1998-July 2003

Joint Task Force-Full Account needs your help!

HH-60G Division

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Rescue Information

USAF Rescue & SOS

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HH-53 History (Brought to you by Pave Low Association)

CH/HH-3 History

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Jolly Helicopter Losses

That Other’s May Live!

After Action Reports

Words from the Valley

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Final Sortie






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The National Anthem (get audio)

The Air Force Song (get audio)

The Air Force Hymn (get audio)