The Jolly Green Association has established a memorial scholarship fund for the purpose of providing scholastic financial aid to dependents of a present or former uniformed member of a USAF Combat Rescue or rescue support organization.  Since its inception, the Jolly Green Association has awarded over $175,000 in scholarship money to dependents of members of the rescue community.  These scholarships will be given to eligible individuals entering an accredited institution of higher learning. The number and amount of scholarships to be awarded will be approved each year by the Board of Governors at the annual meeting.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Completed applications must be submitted prior to April 15th in the year of the intended fall enrollment. To obtain an application form and other materials needed to apply for the scholarship contact:

Jolly Green Association
Attn: Secretary
916 Aloma Faye Lane
Fort Walton Beach, FL  32547

SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA: The Jolly Green Memorial Scholarship will be awarded without regard to other scholarships which the recipient has received or might receive. Scholarship awardees will be selected without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, or religious affiliation. In addition, the award will be made without restriction to the awardee’s choice of institution of higher learning, major course of study, or geographical area of residence.

BASIC ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to compete for a Jolly Green Memorial Scholarship, the applicant must: 

  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be the dependent of a present or former uniformed member of the USAF Combat Rescue or Support Forces.
  • Be eligible for admission to the college or university of his or her choice by meeting all admission requirements for that institution.
  • Have demonstrated aptitude for college-level study by having completed ACT or SAT examinations, been recommended in writing by high school official, or by submitting official transcripts of completed college-level studies.
  • Sign a “Statement of Understanding” to prevent any misunderstanding or misrepresentation.

STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING: Each scholar applicant will be required to sign a “Statement of Understanding” to certify understanding and compliance with/of the following:

Drug Abuse – Illegal, wrongful, or improper use of any illegal narcotic substance or dangerous drug, or the illegal or wrongful possession, transfer, or sale of these drugs will result in disqualification or forfeiture of the scholarship.

Enrollment – Scholarship recipients must enroll in a college or university of his or her choice as a full-time student. Full-time student will be defined by the requirements of the institution of attendance. The recipient agrees to return all scholarship money if he or she fails to enter college within the same year of receipt of the scholarship.

Use of Scholarship Aid – The recipient must apply the scholarship money towards the direct expense of college, e.g., tuition, books, fees, board and room, etc.

SELECTION OF RECIPIENTS: The scholarship committee of the Jolly Green Association will convene during the annual association convention to determine the recipients of the scholarships for the following fall term.

The following weighting criteria will be used to select the recipient:

  • 50% – scholarship achievement in high school, scores on college entrance examinations, or college studies transcript.
  • 40% – noteworthy scholastic or public service achievements, or awards received while attending secondary-level schools and extracurricular activity participation and student government participation.
  • 10% – financial need of the student

The grading system used in the selection process will be as determined and agreed to by the Scholar Committee during the annual committee meeting. The results of the Scholarship Committee, once approved by the Board of Governors, will be final with no recourse for review or change.


 The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Scholarship Program

For more information, visit the RRVFPA Scholarship webpage. The Jolly Green Association (JGA) Scholarship Program is similar to that of The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association (RRVA) Scholarship Grant Program which was initiated in 1970.  We encourage those JGA Scholarship applicants, whose qualifying family member was lost during combat or other service-related activities, to also apply to RRVA.

An application for either the Scholarship Grant or Scholarship Assistance Program (SAP forms and CD-ROM) may be obtained by request (and a fee of $25 payable by
check or money order to the order of RRVA) sent to:

Red River Valley Association
P.O. Box 1553
Front Royal, VA 22630-0033
(540) 636-9798
(540) 636-9776 FAX
web page:

Completed Applications to RRVA must be received at the above National Office NLT
May 15th … a month after applications are due for JGA Scholarships.